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Titan Portable Cattle Pen   $9350
The Titan Pen has an overall area of approximately 48' x 35', and can manage approximately 60 head of cattle.

All working pens are constructed from 2-3/8" 14 ga pipe and 5/8" solid rod, and painted Grey. Each pen is personally constructed onsite at our shop in Stilwell, Okla, and can optionally be delivered at you request. All of our panels are 5' 6" tall.

Add sheet metal to your Sweep & Alley for only $3500


  Matt Beeman - Beeman Farms Durango, Colorado
(Thursday, November 5, 2015)

You delivered my product right on time. This system is exactly what I wanted. Easy to set up and tear down if need be. Not a lightweight corral system that will be bent up in a few years. Worth every penny I spent. Heavy duty and easy to run. Thanks for your making such a long trip to Colorado. This is gonna make working my cattle so much easier.

  Kevin Womack - Earlsboro, OK
(Tuesday, October 9, 2012)

WOW!!! My Titan Pen was just delivered and set-up today. It was great! Called in my cows, fed them, sprayed them, and tagged a couple calves. Made it so easy to work my cows. The self-catching headgate is the only way to go. I would definitely recommend one of these pens.

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We are painting all of our products Grey instead of Dk. Green.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Customer Product Reviews to our site! Please feel free to browse through our product line and read what others who have purchased, used and seen our portable cattle working solutions have to say. And please feel free to leave a review of your experience.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and look forward to serving your needs.
We are approx 18 weeks out on new orders.

We will deliver your equipment and supervise the set up for $3.00 per loaded mile.
About Us
About 25 years ago Doug & Phyllis Ferguson started manufacturing this style of cattle working pens in Southeast Oklahoma. Paul was taught how to manufacture the cattle working pens by brother-in-law George in 2005. Paul and his family moved to northeast Oklahoma & started P&C Cattle Pens in 2008. P&C Cattle Pens is a family owned & operated company. Paul & his son Jack manufacture, deliver & setup the industries toughest, best made portable cattle management solutions.
Our cattle working pens are built Tuff and should last for many years under normal working conditions. Overcrowding, atheltic cattle, wild-eyed cattle, mad cattle ect.. may cause damage to the pen and persons working. P&C Cattle Pens is not responsible for damage to equipment or persons for any reason.
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