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Longhorn Mini Plus   $12,900

Finally a Working System made just for Longhorns. All the panels are 2 3/8" 14 ga. pipe and 5/8" solid rod just like the rest of our pens. This makes them TUFF & heavy.

All of our Longhorn Pens come priced with a Longhorn Cage, so when your pen is set up your ready to work your cows.

All of our components are handmade in Stilwell Ok to provide you with the best system possible.We have started painting all equipment GREY!.

Add Sheet metal to the sweep for $2500. Add the Hornlock System for $850.


  Kimberly Bay/ Twisted K Longhorns - Mountain View, MO
(Saturday, February 4, 2023)

Best all around Longhorn working system you could own. Have know many Longhorn breeders that started out with other systems, eventually paid the price for this top quality system. The company owners a top notch also. They are always looking to improve their products to make it safer and easier to use for the cattle and you. It truly makes a difference when the person that is designing a cattle working system raises longhorns themselves and love their animals. Thank you Paul and Crystal.

  Al Morrison - Cavalier, ND
(Wednesday, July 19, 2017)

I added the 'Vet Pen' and an addition pen with gates before the sweep which in my opinion makes a nice 'system'.
My wife and I have 25 longhorn cows and calves and we are both in our mid 60's, and work the cattle with just the two of us. Great system, safe for us and the cattle. Working the cattle with this system is a pure pleasure. There might be something better out there, but in my opinion, this is a great product. Well made and designed very well.
Cody delivered and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in setting up. He was on time, and a real pleasure to work with.
From the sales, to delivery, to the quality of the product, all met and exceeded my expectations. I recommend it for any kind of cattle.
Al Morrison

(Thursday, February 23, 2017)

Absolutely a fantastic and safe (for worker and cattle) pen for working longhorn cattle of every age and size.

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We are painting all of our products Grey instead of Dark Green. Also, in the Summer of 2022 we had to source a slightly darker Gray paint color because the manufacturer completely dropped the original Gray we were using. Honestly, everyone likes the darker Gray color better anyway.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Customer Product Reviews to our site! Please feel free to browse through our product line and read what others who have purchased, used and seen our portable cattle working solutions have to say. And please feel free to leave a review of your experience.

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We are approx 6-8 weeks out on new orders.

We will deliver your equipment and supervise the set up for $4 per loaded mile. This price may increase or decrease according to fuel prices at the time of delivery.
About Us
About 25 years ago Doug & Phyllis Ferguson started manufacturing this style of cattle working pens in Southeast Oklahoma. Paul was taught how to manufacture the cattle working pens by brother-in-law George in 2005. Paul and his family moved to northeast Oklahoma & started P&C Cattle Pens in 2008. P&C Cattle Pens is a family owned & operated company. Paul & his son Jack manufacture, deliver & setup the industries toughest, best made portable cattle management solutions.
Our cattle working pens are built Tuff and should last for many years under normal working conditions. Overcrowding, atheltic cattle, wild-eyed cattle, mad cattle ect.. may cause damage to the pen and persons working. P&C Cattle Pens is not responsible for damage to equipment or persons for any reason.